Are You in Love With Being in Love?

Are you addicted to being in love and feel like you can’t live without someone special? There are many ways to enjoy being on your own, as well as know if you’re with someone for the special person they are or if you are with them because you’re addicted to love. Learn to read the signs, and have a more fulfilling relationship for it.



Is It Your Partner, Or Is It Love?

  • Love your partner – accept the good and bad about your partner, love unconditionally, accept a relationship through the rough patches and good, be present in your partner’s life and don’t “tune out,” accept being by yourself with ease and enjoyment.
  • Love being in love – enjoy being in love with someone, can’t handle not being in a relationship, have a hard time being alone.. You always want to speed up the dating process, so that you’re in a committed relationship.

Are You a Love Addict?

  • All of your conversations with other people (and your partner) revolve around your love life, your relationship and the trials and tribulations of your love life.
  • You can’t grasp the concept of the difference between sex, lust and love.
  • You are “addicted” to the connection between identity and love. You don’t have a strong sense of self, and your identity melts quickly and immediately into your partner’s life and interests.
  • You become extremely emotional when your relationship isn’t working out, and you can become depressed when a breakup occurs. You are unable to process feelings of rationality in a relationship and are highly emotional and reactive.

Signs You’re Falling in Love With the Person

  • Want to sing on a mountaintop lately? You have the energy of a teenager, feeling like you could climb a mountain or sing at the top of your lungs for everyone to hear.
  • You are experiencing euphoric-like feelings that create a drug-like high that can become addictive!
  • You focus on the good when you’re falling in love and hardly anything can bring you down.
  • Your body begins fluttering and tingling, and you feel nervous in a good way anytime you think of your partner or are near him or her. That’s what lust and love can bring. Only time will tell if lust turns into love.
  • You experience deep feelings of longing, connection and feeling like a magnet to your partner.
  • You feel like you need your partner around as much as you need oxygen to breathe! Feelings of intensity will subside over time, but it should never subside altogether. If so, revamp your romance with the three “F’s” ¾ flirtation, flattery and flowers.

Balance Your Time and Emotions

  • Focus on balancing how you spend your time. Going too fast, too soon can push away your partner eventually. Maintain control over your escalating hormones and focus on spending time away from your partner. It may be hard but worth it for a long lasting romance.
  • Reconnect with friends; don’t talk about your new love interest. Talk about things that matter to you outside of your euphoric-love state.
  • Spend time doing activities you love; get outdoors, work out, spend time with family and focus on your work. Look forward to seeing your partner later in the week. Set the pace, and it will help you achieve relationship success.


Focus on yourself, and manage your elevated happiness that love brings on by being true to yourself. Learn not to go overboard with your love interest too quickly or with too much intensity, and you’ll be able to increase your odds for a successful relationship.

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