Can You Trust Your Partner After They’ve Betrayed You?

Being betrayed by the one you love is one of the worst things to go through. Can you forgive and forget? If you’re willing to, there are several things you need to do in order to stay in the relationship while you both repair the trust that has been broken. Learn how with the tips provided here.



Can Your Relationship Ever Be the Same?

  • Being betrayed can be an unforgiveable act – are you willing to try to forgive your partner, or not? Assess what you’re willing to do, and don’t look into the future – take each day as it comes.
  • Ask for what you need from your partner – Do you need details, or do you need to not talk about the details at all? Seek out the support of a couple’s counselor to help mediate discussions.
  • Look at your relationship differently – from now on it won’t be the same, BUT, it can get better as you work through major relationship/trust issues.
  • Focus on lessons that need to be learned. Other than trust and honesty, discover and evaluate additional behaviors/actions that no longer serve in your relationship’s best interest.
  • Use the ‘betrayal’ as the foundation for working through your relationship problems – invite honest discussion in so that you can move forward as positively as possible.

Focus on the Unshakable Bond

  • Married or not, a betrayal is a betrayal – what are you willing to do to save it?
  • Focus on repairing it by committing to your unshakable bond!
  • Focus on talking everyday – you must make honest discussion a priority if the relationship is to have a chance at survival.

Forgive Yourself

  • Don’t participate in the blame game. When your partner chooses to cheat on you, it’s a choice – it’s about their unhappiness, not yours.
  • You didn’t choose to cheat, they did. Don’t become a victim with the mentality that you will always get cheated on, or have a partner that’s unfaithful. If you do, you will only be ‘attracting’ that kind of behavior. Instead, focus on your wonderful qualities that make you a desirable partner for anyone who deserves it!
  • Spend time on reflection. Give yourself some time to recognize and take pride in who you are. What are your values, beliefs, desires and needs in life?
  • Use this time as an opportunity to make yourself better, and with that, your relationship will strengthen!

Control Negative Thoughts

  • Negative internal chatter can overwhelm you, causing more stress to the situation than there already is – focus on thinking positive thoughts 24/7!
  • Remind yourself throughout the day of your many qualities. What makes you so wonderful and desirable? Why did your partner fall in love with you?
  • When your thoughts get out of control, visualize a peaceful place where you feel nothing but love, joy and safety. Imagine your ‘happy place’ anytime you are overcome with sadness. These feelings will become less intense over time, but for now make sure to focus on pleasant emotions to distract you from the pain.

A Few More Words…

When you have been betrayed, there are choices to make. If you want to give your relationship another try, remember to forgive yourself, spend time reflecting, and control your negative thoughts with positive images.

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